ini file parameter name causes read error

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ini file parameter name causes read error

Post by eureka »

I have been testing a basic Actiona script which reads parameters from a standard *.ini file.
Actiona 3.9.1 running in Ubuntu 16.04.

I was seeing the error message on running the script to the point of reading parameter from *.ini file:

“Script line 2:Unable to read the file.”

I checked *,ini file syntax and permissions and they seemed fine.

I pinned down this error to parameters having names starting with “cmd”


When I changed parameter names to exclude “cmd” at start of parameter name there were no file read error messages seen.

Could it be that the string “cmd” at start of a parameter name in *.ini causes this error?
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Re: ini file parameter name causes read error

Post by Jmgr »

Thanks for the bug report, but I cannot reproduce this issue here. Could you post a .ini file that triggers this error here as an attachment?
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