How do I start

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How do I start

Post by VapiSoft »

I don't see any getting started page, and no overview on the comands or how to build a script.
I clicked on File->New scrept, and nothing happened.
So I assume that the script will be built on the main window.
But ho wdo i buld it?
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Re: How do I start

Post by eureka »

Where does one start?

You do not mention your goal, your OS, what the "script" is meant to do, your coding experience. Actionscript, JS, Python, etc.

Actiona as written is designed to emulate user actions.

If you add any Qt5 object from left panel to right panel, let us do this with Message Box, we see at bottom of edit Action window, to the left of Cancel, a button. Click on that to read help Wiki for each object.

There are other tips such as learning the old Actionscript2 .. I still retain a copy of ActionScript - The Definitive Guide - O'Reilly - author Colin Mook.

In fact I write and validate code in Sublime Text 3, with Actionscript package installed, rather than the Actiona internal Code Editor, since I can zoom font size with my aging eyesight. Then paste into Code Box object to execute.

Another tip is to merge Python scripts into Toolbar > Script > Resources and then run them through Command object.

Go to for scripting tutorials. The naming conventions might need changing such as printing to Console.
And take tips from the main French forum. Just use Google translate if you are not multilingual. Lots of examples there.
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