Add ASR component into actiona

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Add ASR component into actiona

Post by yyu »

Dear Jmgr,

I am a speech engineer from think a move( We deliver speech solutions and has released some JAVA spearSdk on the github( recently.
We want to build some demo to showcase our speech abilities. One day, I have found your powerful tool. And I was thinking that actiona can be added with some speech component, while user can use speech as an input and trigger other actions. We would like to contribute to the actiona and add speech component into it. I noticed that actiona is under GPL3 license, I am not very well familiar with all the rules. Thus, I am sending some questions via the forum for clarification and permission, in case we may have conflict in the future.
My questions are shown below:

1. Since we are a speech company, we can not opensource the codebase of our speech engine - spear. We can only provide API along with our license keys to the outside world. Thus do you find it legal or okay to extend your project by adding our speech API into the code and hide the source code behind the API? We will still publish the new actiona into github or just directly contribute to your original actioina repo. If above is not okay, do you offer other options to make it available?
2. Is it possible that you will also offer other agreement or license in the future, if in any case we may want to integrate the new developed actiona in any of actual projects/product.

It will great if you also want to discuss more details using email, my email is

Yang Yu
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Re: Add ASR component into actiona

Post by Jmgr »

Hi Yang Yu,

That is interesting, thank you. I also saw the e-mail you sent me, let's continue the discussion there for now.

I'll post any updates later here for transparency.
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