Central Monitor many instances of ActionAz

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Central Monitor many instances of ActionAz

Post by ccoutinho »


1) I have 150 virtual pcs (windows 7 and 10) running ActionAZ.
Is there a way to central monitor all those instances?
I would like to easily detect, for instance, a website off from a single window, or any other error, instead of connecting to different windows sessions in order to check if there is something wrong.

2) Those virtual pcs running ActionAz are actually in local desktops with vmware. We would like to migrate to Azzure and have a free software that allows multiple monitors with preview of the session, instead of connecting at each one to see what is running.

Any ideas for those 2 questions?

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Re: Central Monitor many instances of ActionAz

Post by eureka »

My first idea is to arrange for each instance of Actiona to post data to Grafana dashboard.


You then can have a central dashboard.

In another scenario you might wish to broadcast messages from central point
to all Actiona running instances. For that I would try

RabbitMQ and CloudAMQP.

I have built an experimental rig with RabbitMQ Python scripts (consumer and publisher) embedded in Actiona wrapper
in Toolbar > Scripts > Resources. Can be applied in Internet of Things. Actiona is then the connector between microservices.


Or you could use Ansible scripts in all your instancces ...

Or you could batch ssh into your instances


Finally, i have a hunch that webmin might be useful in this scenario.

That is, arrange for each remote instance of Actiona to be a "user" of webmin.
But security might be an issue.

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