Idea: use Actiona as front end to Google Sheets

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Idea: use Actiona as front end to Google Sheets

Post by eureka » 31 Aug 2019, 14:58

I share this idea.

Instead of writing multiple code boxes in an Actiona script I am now exploring the route of importing scripts from Google Sheets.
First a personal Google email account needs to be setup to access Google Drive.
Create a Google spreadsheet with tables. A table might hold a series of commands and arguments to be run locally.
Get your credentials for using the Google API.
Then explore writing the local python client (which requires import gspread) which can access Google Sheet as CRUD.
The local python client can be called for execution through an Actiona Command object.
This means that Actiona code can now be dynamically composed by modifying variables held in the backend Google Sheet.
Commands held in backend Google Sheet can be piped through Actiona GUI to be executed by user.
Of course same approach can be used to access local database (SQLite) rather than Google Sheet.
Refinements might include parsing/validating the code/commands to watch for malicious scripts held in remote Google Sheet as repository.

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