external procedures

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external procedures

Post by RogerG » 11 Aug 2019, 17:24

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04
Actiona is very good and I use it regularly (but I'm not expert, yet)
Suggestion: I'm using several procedures, but they are always defined in my one *.ascr file.
Once I have a few procedures, the file gets big and complex. I'd like to call procedures defined in other *.ascr files.
This would be very helpful. Thanks

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Re: external procedures

Post by RogerG » 11 Aug 2019, 22:26

running *.ascr files without opening Actiona: example of using the actexec tool.

actexec is a console utility that allows you to run Actiona scripts and code without having to start Actiona.
actexec [options] [script or code filename]

for example a desktop shortcut: HOWEVER one cannot use this approach to activate an Actiona routine from inside of another running Actiona routine!!
It would be very useful to have the ability to call external Actiona routines.
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Re: external procedures

Post by eureka » 15 Aug 2019, 08:58

Currently Actiona does not allow multiple sessions.
One hack I have tried for similar problems is cloning copies of actiona and actexec binaries held in /usr/bin


Then from a running session of actiona or actexec the cloned binaries can be called to open separate session.

[Added note] Actually the items in /usr/bin/ are links and they point to the binaries.
You will need to clone both the links and the binaries they point to.
Look at the properties of the cloned links and edit to be
actiona-x link .... Points to: <path-to-binary>/actiona-x (clone of actiona)
actexec-x link .... Points to: <path-to-binary>/actexec-x (clone of actexec)

In your desktop example the command would be

/usr/bin/actexec-x <path to your *.ascr script>

With this setup two Actiona GUI windows can be opened.


Crude but it works.

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