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help with isButtonPressed

Posted: 01 Apr 2018, 18:40
by cdathoam
Hi everyone!
I'm trying to set up a script to toggle automatic mouse clicking, where I'm driving the cursor and the script clicks. I've attached the script I have so far, which does what I'm hoping for, except that the isButtonPressed doesn't seem to register whether my mouse buttons are depressed. So I can't toggle the clicking on and off through a button press, yet. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how the function works?
I'd prefer to have a keyboard hotkey or two to toggle on/off the clicking, but I don't understand how to set up a listener with Actiona.
Do you have any advice for how to proceed?

For background, I'm masking building images using a fairly limited online tool, and it is a great benefit to be able to auto-click the complex lines around foliage rather than manually click a thousand times to do so. Using Windows, I've had this autoclicker program that I haven't found an equivalent Linux version for. With Wine, the autoclicker program doesn't respond to the toggle hotkeys when it's not in focus, which I need for being able to line up the first click in a wobbly foliage line.