Identify (get) window under mouse pointer?

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Identify (get) window under mouse pointer?

Post by bs27975 » 03 Dec 2018, 08:37

New to actiona and just sinking in to it. Am familiar with autoit and xdotool.

I am working on converting an autoit script to actiona for cross-platform.

I have multiple monitors and multiple windows of the same name across them.

In the current script, I bring up a message box to tell the user to place the mouse on the desired window then press Enter (== OK to the message box.)

I then get the window id under the mouse pointer (without clicking the mouse - lest something get inadvertently pressed with the activation). The rest of the script then operates within this window. (Having identified which window it is on.)

How do I grab the id of the topmost window under the mouse pointer?

[I'm not hung up on the message box, just need the user to point to the window to be acted upon.]

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