Actiona - your help is needed!

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Actiona - your help is needed!

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I have recently released the version 3.10.1 of Actiona (yes, it's been some time). This version fixes a few compilation issues. As you may have noticed there was and still is no notification of a new version in the application, nor is it visible on my website.

The reason for this is that I cannot release this version for Windows because Actiona needs to be digitally signed.

This signature requires a certificate that need to be bought, and some documents that need to be notarized (a paying service here in the UK). The certificate, valid for 4 years, costs 240£ (260€). Notarization of two documents costs at least 140£ (160€), so 380£ (439€) in total. I have already bought such a certificate in the past, but it was only valid for 2 years, and it has now expired.

If you like Actiona and would like to give a hand, I have added a Sponsor button on the Github page. If you can afford it, it would be awesome. You would of course also have your name in Actiona's About dialog. If you want to contribute only once for the certificate you can also use Leetchi.

Once (and if) this sum has been reached, the remaining donations will help paying for my dedicated server (30€/month) I use to host this forum, my website, Actiona's wiki and the update service.
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